Fri 7th Feb to Fri 14th Feb 2020
Workshop Description

Join me for a trip into the Arctic Circle in Winter! The light at this time of year is stunning, low in the sky, soft, ethereal. Dawn and dusk seem to last the whole day giving you endless opportunites for capturing images with gorgeous pastel tones in the sky and that stunning 'arctic blue' that lasts all day at this time of year. Around every corner are side lit mountains reflected in the clear waters of the fjords.

We will be based in a 5 bedroomed house in Ramberg which is 30 minutes away from our arrival airport, Leknes. The workshop will be self catering to keep the costs reasonable. We have the flexibility of choosing when and where we have dinner, we may choose to jointly cook a meal, or eat in a local restaurant. On my last visit we took a few bottles of wine with us because it is very expensive in Norway. Self catering means that we can be out and about to catch the best light and not have to worry about getting back at a specific time. If we are further afield at dusk we can simply eat in a local restaurant rather than having the restrictions of a hotel.

It goes without saying that we will visit all the popular locations on Lofoten as well as some of my favourite spots that are a bit further afield, sometimes the less iconic shots are more satisfying than the typical shots (that everyone gets). We will also be keeping our eye out for Aurora notifications so that we can head out when the chances are looking hopeful.

The mileages are not great between locations, most are only about half an hour from each other and the majority of the locations are a short walk from the car.

If you are interested in joining me on this workshop fill in the booking form and I will contact you to have a chat. There will be a deposit of £600 to be paid and the balance would be due by November. I will notify you when to book your flight, please don't book flights until I have given you the goahead.

I hope you can journey with me into the arctic circle to photograph this spectacular location. If you want to have a chat first feel free to give me a call

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